Mountain Gorilla families in Uganda on the rise: Two more gorillas families habituated in Bwindi impenetrable national park.


Uganda Wildlife Authority has successful habituated two new gorilla families, namely  Katwe group in Buhoma north gate and Christmas group in Nkuringo south gate of Bwindi impenetrable national park.

The development has increased the number of gorilla families permitted for gorilla trekking from 15 to 17. Mountain gorillas live in family/troupe that vary in size from 5 to 35 members. A troupe is made up of one or two adult males (aged 12 and above, called silverbacks), several younger males (named Black backs), adult females, juveniles and infants. The dominant silverback (identified by the saddle of silvery white hair on his back) leads the group’s daily movements in search for food, protects the troupe from outside intruders and signs of danger, usually relating to intruding silverbacks of from another group, dangerous animals like buffaloes and poachers.

To view gorillas one requires a permit – which is best purchased months in advance. There has been overwhelming demand for mountain gorilla trekking permits in recent months. If you are planning to go on gorilla trekking safari in Africa, Uganda offers a cheaper option at USD$600 for a permit. Gorilla trekking is a highlight regulated activity with gorilla permits limited to 8 visitors per family daily, plus a ranger and advance team of trackers.

Trekking in this dense mountain gorilla habitat can sometimes be wet, humid, muddy and tiring but not impossible – you need to be prepared and must be averagely healthy to walk up and down hill for hours. Gorilla Trekking can last from as little as an hour to as much as 4 – 10 hours. The activity largely depends on location of gorillas the previous day. Visitors therefore are supposed to move along with packed/picnic lunch and water, and should be equipped with strong water-proof clothing (perhaps pack some gardening gloves to assist in any up-hill climbs) and must be averagely healthy. But the thrill of coming  face-to-face with rare mountain gorillas is no doubt one of the most memorable wildlife encounter ever.

Visitors can book mountain gorilla permits for tracking these families through their  tour operators in Uganda  or through the reservations office at UWA Headquarters. For more information send us an email at:



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