Volunteering & Tourism (voluntourism) in Uganda


Tourism to most people means visiting a place away from home. It could be an adventure safari, mountain hike, cruise, wildlife safari, primate trekking, visiting historical places and a lot more.

People often travel to relax, chill, and have fun or simply to learn something new about their destination. Whereas tourism involves spending or emptying one’s pockets a little bit, a tourist who spares time and money to travel gains a lot in return – lifetime memories, great photographs and lots of stories to share with family and friends back home. A very enriching experience travel is I must say.

At Chigo tours, we offer tourism activities like gorilla and chimp trekking, wildlife safaris, boat cruises and canoeing, birding, cultural and religious tours to mention but a few. All itineraries can be tailored according to a person’s interests.

One question we have heard from our clients, time and time again has been: I’m done with the tour, I have had fun but I have a few days / weeks to spare, what else can I do? What or how can I help a community? How can I make a difference?

We realized then thatit was possible to combine tourism and voluntary work. We call it volun-tourism. A client comes to tour, and then in one way or another, decides to make an impact or create a difference; either through teaching computer skills at a local school, making donations to an orphanage, supporting education expenses of a less privileged child and so on. Helping others is the core of being a “voluntourist”. Here not only will a client go back home richer in wonderful travel memories, but also with the satisfaction of having made an impact or difference in a person’s life.

Eric, a computer expert, booked a gorilla trek with us and at the end of the tour, he told us was interested in teaching children computer skills for two weeks. And he preferred a homestay rather than a hotel. And it was an amazing and enriching experience for the school. The teachers and pupils all had great time learning, most touching a keyboard for the first time; all thanks to Eric for making time o share his skill. Ohh, and he donated a number of computers to the school!! Thank you Eric! Thank you for making a difference!

At Chigo tours, we aim a providing unforgettable travel memories; but creating a difference or making an impact is a bonus both to the beneficiary and the benefactor. So come join us – let go travel, let’s have fun, let’s  create memories, let’s make a difference together.

For more information send us an email at: info@chigotours.com

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