Go adventure with ‘high ropes’ and ‘zip lining’ at Uganda’s lake Bunyonyi!

Lake Bunyonyi is commonly known for its serene and spectacular landscapes to relax and chill, Supreme adventure park has more to indulge your spirit! on long weekend or after the grueling gorilla trek in Bwindi.

High Rope Course:

The high ropes course or “roping” as it is commonly referred to around here, gives you a thrill of a lifetime as you enjoy the very fresh air up in the trees.

Level 1 High Ropes @Martin Ngabirano

when you arrive at ‘Natures prime island’, meet your adventure expert guide, listen to safety briefing and demonstrations, learn techniques involved, then get fitted with harnesses and helmets.

Level2 High ropes @ Martin Ngabirano

The trees have been connected by cables, wood, car tyres, buckets and ropes to form three different levels of bridges and challenges. Sounds easy right? But this course puts put’s ones endurance to the test while having fun at the same time!

For safety purposes, participants wear harnesses, doubly hooked to safety cables and wedges throughout the course, and of course the instructors are present to give support as you maneuver the obstacles to reach the finish line.

Zip-line cable crossing from island 300m to mainland.

Take a zip-trip across one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The zip line will definitely give you an enormous adrenaline rush as you glide across, with your hands or feet splashing the water below. Perfect moment for that upside-down photo/! Totally awe-inspiring!

Ziplining beginers level @Martin Ngabirano

The two activities definitely challenge one to go through the set obstacle while having fun at the same time. Participants are oriented before course, given safety talks and demonstrations on how to clip on the safety wires; so you are comfortable and confident to tackle these challenges. And the activities won’t dig a hole in your pocket!

Please note while ‘high ropes’ starts and ends at ‘Natures prime Island’, ‘zip lining’ ends after crossing lake to a mainland village. After a 2 hour adventure, you will be taken by boat back to Island. Time to celebrate with a drink.

Discover your adventure self at the Lake Bunyonyi’s Supreme Park with Chigo Tours Africa!

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